We started with the simple idea of creating a food supplement brand that works, using wholesome natural ingredients and nutrients the body needs and none of the chemicals it doesn’t. By looking to what our grandmothers had shared with us, and the past for inspiration, we decided to keep things simple, responsible and healthy.

The Mother Brown’s Remedy Kit is Created to be the perfect companion for those unexpected, inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing moments when you are a desperate and self-pitying version of yourself. When air or sea travel, poorly cooked meals, overindulgence of alcohol, late nights with early starts, or your getting down and dirty leaves you discombobulated and wretched our no-nonsense, simple-to-use remedies will help you pull it together to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are away from home. Plants and wholesome ingredients are at the heart of our products and without great plants, which work, we’re nothing. Combine this with solid science, 30 years’ experience fusing raw ingredients, traditional use, together with products supplied from sustainable farming co-operatives, FSC approved cardboard in pocket-friendly packs, you have supplements that work in harmony with your body and lifestyle.

Making The Most of What Mother Nature Has To Offer…The World’s First Functional Food Supplement Kit For The Modern Traveller