She grew up with her Jamaican grandmother in the north of England before moving to the bright lights of London. Many years later after weeks on the road, she met up with some similarly disgruntled friends in a Parisian café. The healthy-minded, life-loving and slightly nostalgic friends offered each other natural remedy advice for their various ailments, fondly remembered from childhood and passed down from each of their grandmothers. This was where Mother Brown’s Remedy was born.


Charlie & Adam

Collectively they put the creative spin and vision into Mother Brown’s Remedy and without these two bright individuals, Mother Brown’s Remedy would have remained in the Parisian café as a vapid idea forevermore. With a line of French resistance spies as her ancestors, Charlie was always going to take on life with a running jump. She took a leap and went into textile design. Adam’s prized vinyl collection saw him go from music merchandising politics to contribute to the birth of a new design agency.



She toiled away in international public relations and brand strategy for luxury fashion and lifestyle brands before joining Mother Brown’s Remedy.



A lover of luxury and travel, she has spent many a night in a 5 star hotel as well as knocking back Bolly on a private jet or two…(not that she’s one to gossip) and is always the first to try a new treatment, Vampire Facelift anyone? Joy uses her enviable contacts and skills to get Mother Brown’s Remedy on the shelves.



He keeps our forecasts tight, our budgets in line and analyses how we can improve what we’re doing in an ethical and responsible way. He honed his craft at leading NHS Trust providers throughout the UK as well as other healthcare organisations. There he developed and managed strategies for operational teams that, amongst other things, ensured patient safety before crossing over to Mother Brown’s Remedy.



Domenico has more degrees than a thermometer and he is the person in charge of R&D. He’s created all the formulations for our products and knows everything there is to know about blending ingredients and potencies. After 30 years of working in food biochemistry and working for some of the largest food companies in Italy, he joined MBR to get back to basics.



He’s in charge of our supply chain and logistics. His job is to make sure everything is sourced sustainably, gets manufactured correctly and ends up in the right place at the right time. He previously worked for a multi-national construction company and, though he misses the smell of timber, he loves the fact that he can bring Rocco the English Fox Terrier to work with him.

Part recipe, part philosophy, part philanthropic and part making the most of what nature has to offer.