Naturally powerful ingredients shouldn’t be masked in chemicals, so Mother Brown’s remedies are left as intended by her earthly counterpart… uncoated, unflavoured, and untainted. These are simple, plant-based supplements, which contain nutrients that work harmoniously with the body and the mind.

Our aptly named supplements provide cover for the occasional hiccough your body might encounter on its travels or in its daily life. They are free from gluten, soya, lactose, artificial colours and additives, salt, yeast, gelatine, wheat, fish, porcine, corn or beef extracts which makes it suitable for vegetarians. Our travel-sized sets prove that good things definitely come in small packages.


Our aim is to create products that actually help rather than hinder, so our committed team of Grannies (aka plant biologists and flora gastronomes) rigorously assess every ingredient so that you can be completely sure of their safety and effectiveness.

When you invest in a Mother Brown’s Remedy® product, you can expect the best nature has to offer. Our products are approximately 99% natural due to the challenges that we face with the preservation of natural formulas. To ensure the safety and efficacy of our work we use a GMO-free vegetable extracted formula to combine our core ingredients.


Our mission is to make sure that every product we send out into the world is a little agent of change. The trees used to make our FSC approved recycled boxes come from forests that are certified, constantly managed and consistently replanted. Anything other than sustainable and ethically sourced herbs or ingredients just wouldn’t be a remedy. Our products are manufactured responsibly in Italy and our packaging facility outside of Verona, GruppoPolis Cooperative Sociali, was selected because of its commitment to employing a diverse section of the local community. We don’t just want to create a remedial supplement. We want to contribute a remedy to anywhere that is home to a part of Mother Brown’s Remedy.


We’d have no business calling ourselves a remedy if we didn’t do some good. We feel anyone who purchases our product is in a privileged position and it’s important that we help those who are not so lucky. We’re proud to say that every time someone buys a Mother Brown’s Remedy, 5% of each sale is donated to the Antislavery Charity, an organisation that helps combat human trafficking, forced child labour and human rights violations worldwide.

Part recipe, part philosophy, part philanthropic and part making the most of what nature has to offer.